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Past CCIC Winners

The American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) held the 2023 and 2022 CCIC competitions as in-person events and the 2021 CCIC as a virtual competition. Prior to 2021, the CCIC was held from 2015-2018 managed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in partnership with AACC.

Please see below for photos and articles from past events and to obtain ideas from the types of projects represented.


2023 CCIC
AACC, NSF Announce Winning Teams of 2023 Community College Innovation Challenge
AACC, NSF Announce 12 Student Teams to Advance to 2023 Community College Innovation Challenge Finals

2022 CCIC
AACC, NSF Announce Winning Teams of 2022 Community College Innovation Challenge
AACC, NSF Announce 12 Student Teams to Advance to Community College Innovation Challenge Finals


2024 CCIC
PTK Blog Post: PTK Webinar Pitches the Community College Innovation Challenge (02/22/2024)
Snapshots: A look back at CCIC 2023 (02/21/2024)
CCIC can open new paths, opportunities for students (02/12/2024)
‘They can do big things’  (02/5/2024)
Whoop, whoop! Rallying teams to compete in CCIC (01/24/2024)
A call to community college student innovators (1/22/2024)

2023 CCIC
Practical Ideas for Real World Challenges(6/15/2023)
12 Teams Advance to Innovation Challenge Finals (4/26/23)
Championing the Innovation Challenge (2/16/2023)
Phi Theta Kappa blog post — CCIC Lifts 2022 Competitors (2/15/2023)

2022 CCIC
Final pitches and the CCIC winners (6/16/2022)
In Photos: The CCIC Poster Showcase (6/16/2022)
Boot Camp Prepares Teams for Competition (6/13/2022)
In Photos: Opening Day of the Boot Camp(6/13/2022)
12 college teams named CCIC finalists (4/28/2022) 
MNT-EC Principal Investigator Is a Fan of the Community College Innovation Challenge (2/7/2022)
CCIC opens opportunities for participants (1/31/2022)
Thumbs up: Mentors recommend CCIC to colleagues (1/31/2022)
Calling Student Innovators (1/16/2022)

Fostering STEM innovations (6/18/2021)
AACC Offers Extraordinary Opportunity for community college Students (PTK Blog)
Finalists selected for Community College Innovation Challenge (5/11/2021)
AACC Launches Community College Innovation Challenge (2/18/2021)
The Community College Innovation Challenge returns (2/17/2021)


2023 CCIC Finalist Teams
College: Bergen Community College, NJ
Project: Electric Go-Kart Design Challenge

College: Borough of Manhattan Community College, NY
Project: AgeWell App – An Intelligent Solution for Dementia Care

College: Central Wyoming College, WY
Project: New Voices In Climate

College: Cleveland State Community College, TN
Project: Bottle to Model – PET Plastic Solution

College: Feather River College, CA
Project: Making our MARK with the EVA-I

College: Henry Ford College, MI
Project: Take A Moment to Focus

College: Houston Community College, TX
Project: Project Eagle Rescue

College: Hudson County Community College, NJ
Project: Color Filaments

College: Red Rocks Community College, CO
Project: w(aut)ch

College: Virginia Western Community College, VA
Project: Sort-A-Tab

College: West Hills College Coalinga, CA
Project: Cr-3 Battery

College: Woodland Community College, CA
Project: Location Emitting Emergency Ring

2022 CCIC Finalist Teams

College: Bergen Community College, NJ
Project: ScanCan – The Intelligent Recycling Bin 

College: College of Central Florida, FL
Project: True Wireless ECG

College: Columbus State Community College. OH
Project: Columbus Kinesthetics’

College: Des Moines Area Community College, IL
Project: The Social Student 

College: Front Range Community College, CO
Project: The Orca Oil-Separating & Bio-Filtration Vessel

College: Linn-Benton Community College, OR
Project: The Portable Air Shield System

College: Middlesex Community College. MA
Project: STEM-finder

College: Ohlone College, CA
Project: Wave Riders

College: Polk State College, FL
Project: Osmotically Reversing the Effects of Microplastics

College: San Antonio College, TX
Project: Ocular Horizon

College: Santa Monica College, CA
Project: Team Antiviral

College: SUNY Orange, NY
Project: Solar Absorption Repository (SAR)

Submission Videos from 2021 CCIC Finalist Teams

College: Austin Community College, TX
Project:  OASIS – Officer Aptitude & Stress Information System

College: Bergen Community College, NJ
Project: Electric Vehicle Conversion Project

College: Borough of Manhattan Community College, NY
Project: Designing VR Application for Autistic Children

College: Columbus State Community College, OH
Project: Greenago – Turning Colleges Green

College: Henry Ford College, MI
Project: Maskkito: A Sleek Nano Cleanser Mask

College: Itawamaba Community College, MS
Project: Achelous

College: Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, IN
Project: ViruScan – The Pandemic Defender

College: Johnson County Community College, KS
Project: Increased Accessibility for Mobility Device Users

College: Nashua Community College, NH
Project: EnviroMask

College: Pasadena City College, CA
Project: The NanoBio mAB: A Nanoparticle-Antibody Cancer Therapeutic

College: Tarrant County College, TX
Project: In-Hive Mushroom Cultivator

College: Virginia Western Community College, VA
Project: Community Coral Project

Outreach Materials & Toolkit

Are you a student trying to recruit a team? Are you a faculty member, administrator, family member, or friend of a student who would be perfect for entering the CCIC? Do you attend a college who has a team or teams entering and want to help support your school? Below are some resources that may help you to get the word out.

Download CCIC Flyer (PDF)

Download CCIC Post Card (PDF)

Download Outreach Toolkit (PDF)

Additional Resources

Evaluation Resource: The EvaluateUR method enables community colleges to improve student outcomes by incorporating evaluation directly into the undergraduate research process. The method yields:

  • Statistically reliable measures of student learning growth in academic subjects
  • Students alerted to the many soft skills essential for academic and workplace success
  • Assessments of student growth in soft skills
  • Student understanding of their academic strengths and weaknesses and the identification of strategies for improvement

Evaluate-Compete (E-Compete for short) is one of the EvaluateUR variants. Its outcomes (general and competition-specific) align with the rubrics used during competitions, so adding E-Compete can give your CCIC team a competitive edge. To read more about the method, click here or download the 2024 E-Compete fact sheet.