Why Enter?

The national CCIC is designed to enable community college students to discover and demonstrate their capacity to use STEM to make a difference in the world.

It provides a venue to strengthen and further develop STEM thinking, apply it to solving real-world problems, and to build the skills necessary to carry invention from idea to society-benefitting innovation. Through the Virtual Innovation Boot Camp, finalist teams have the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs, experts, and industry professionals in business planning, stakeholder engagement, communication, and marketplace dynamics; gain life-changing business acumen and communication skills; and engage with other community college innovators to make significant connections and to share ideas.

Finalist teams showcase their projects and colleges, on a national stage, through a virtual poster session as well as compete in a pitch presentation at the end of the Virtual Innovation Boot Camp. The Boot Camp provides a friendly and constructive environment to hone innovation while gaining entrepreneurial skills and competing for cash awards.

What Do You Win?

  • AACC and NSF provide:
    • National recognition and a plaque to each finalist team for their leadership in STEM innovation
    • Certificates from NSF and AACC for each finalist team member
    • Cash awards – awards are made to each first, second, and third place team member in the following amounts:
      • First place: $3,000
      • Second place: $2,000
      • Third place: $1,000